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Green Living

The trend in design towards taking care of our environment through independent and collective action has developed into what we know today as “Green Design” and Portfolio Kitchen & Home is proud to support environmentally sustainable building and remodeling solutions through “green” products and design. We are pleased to offer these and other products that support this ideal.

A) Lyptus - Plantation grown in FSC certified forests, Lyptus from Weyerhaeuser is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hardwood for applications such as cabinetry, flooring, architectural millwork and furniture.

B) Bamboo Flooring - Exotic and elegant, the beauty of bamboo will enhance any interior while remaining true to its natural origins. Recognized as a true gem in modern sustainable architecture, bamboo is environmentally sound, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

C) Vetrazzo Countertops - Made with 85% recycled glass, Vetrazzo surfaces express both style and respect for the earth without compromise. These artful surfaces are incredibly strong and durable giving you an an alternative to non-renewable resources such as virgin granite.

Portfolio is a proud member of the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association), who realizes the demand to create ecologically responsible interiors that don’t sacrifice style or comfort. Visit their website at www.nkba.org/green to view articles on green design, a listing of green products, and a glossary of green terms.

Portfolio Kitchen & Home - Geri Higgins
Portfolio Kitchen & Home - Geri Higgins
Portfolio Kitchen & Home - Geri Higgins

A) Lyptus by Weyerhaeuser

C) Vetrazzo Countertops

B) Bamboo Flooring