Something To Talk About

Portfolio clients are, without a doubt, the absolute best! We are so thankful and appreciative of having the opportunity to serve such wonderful people on a daily basis. At Portfolio we put an emphasis on building strong personal relationships with every client. We are pleased to say that most of these relationships continue long after their project’s been completed. And from time to time some of them are kind enough to let us know what they thought about their experience with Portfolio. Below are a few that we would like to share. Our thanks to these and all of our terrific clients!


It is with particular delight and enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation, and to express my most genuine appreciation for the invaluable role Portfolio Kitchen & Home played in the completion of our dream house this year.

Having interviewed each of the highest caliber kitchen design companies throughout Kansas City, my wife and I elected to work with Portfolio due to their remarkable intellectual and artistic creativity, their professionalism, the unparalleled attention to detail, and their availability/accessibility after the project was completed, for any additions, changes, or refinements, even many months after we moved into our home

As the owner of a business in which customer service and outcome satisfaction is paramount in importance, I truly appreciate the caliber of the entire staff, as they led me through this exciting process, as if to feel I were their only client. They recognize that each homeowner wishes to have many elements which are unique to their design and dream, rather than feel that they have been positioned in a predetermined mold. In our home, no rooms are more important in terms of visibility, function, and artistic design than the two full kitchens and main floor bar, which were all designed by David Zebley, Geri Higgins, and several key members of this remarkable team.

A kitchen in particular, as the focal and gathering point of the main level area in every home, must stand out as an artistic masterpiece, and each day that we cook, eat, or entertain in our kitchen is a constant reminder of Portfolio’s genius, and the fun and joy we had working with them to bring our personal dream to fruition.

With warmest regards and most sincere and genuine appreciation,

Steve Silverstein, M.D.

Silverstein Eye Centers



Working in collaboration with Geri and the staff on various development projects over these past three years has been a joyful experience. The entire professional staff at Portfolio are experts in design, function and creating beautiful environments. The limitless design and product knowledge of Geri, Kira, April, Lindsay, Erica, David and Chris are second to none. If it can be done, they will make it happen. The highest value is placed on providing quality products, innovative design, customer service, and complete satisfaction. They deliver on-time and on budget with outstanding quality.

It is always an uplifting experience to step into the Portfolio showroom and design studio. The friendly, smiling greeting one receives upon entering makes for a pleasurable business and personal experience. The products on display are breathtaking. What one will always see is the most creative state-of-the-art products from around the world, as well as tried and true traditional styling. Geri and the staff will custom design and tailor to your individual taste.

The honesty, integrity and hospitality delivered by Geri and the entire staff make one feel special and appreciated. I have never experienced a higher level of professional and personal etiquette, courtesy and quality from an organization. In working with Geri and the design staff, the pleasure has been all mine. They all should be very proud of what they have built together, and they are without question the finest leaders in the industry. I always look forward to my next visit to see my friends at Portfolio Kitchen & Home.

Yours Truly,

Mark J. Coco

American Real Estate LLC



We have our dream kitchen due to the great listening and coaching we received from the team at Portfolio Kitchen & Home. We started with an idea and the design team helped make it a reality. The heart of our house used to be a very typical “builders grade” kitchen with virtually no features or functionality that reflected our personality or style. After completing the eight week project, our kitchen proudly reflects not only our personal tastes and cooking requirements, but it improved the overall warmth, flow, and feel of our home. Thank you for helping us enjoy an award winning vision of the ideal kitchen

Curt & Darcy

Leawood, KS



Portfolio Kitchen & Home was clearly the exception when identifying home designers to assist with our remodel. David Zebley was able to approach what we perceived as overwhelming, with his calm demeanor, unique vision and insight. Portfolio’s cabinetry and designs are unsurpassed by any other in Kansas City.

The team’s consideration for utility resulted in a kitchen, baths, and bar functionally designed to support our daily living. Each drawer was built in consideration of our specific needs and to maximize space, such as drawers underneath the banquette for table linens and shelves in the spice rack deep enough for tall bottles. The quality of the products, installation, and customer satisfaction are outstanding. The variety of wood selections that were made available to us are complimentary and simply beautiful.

We will continue to work with Portfolio throughout the decorative phase, in furniture and product design. Their family approach to operating a business has proved successful and makes the customer feel as though they are indeed “part of the family”.

Carol Winner & Carl Weiner

Mission Hills, KS



When Ray and I decided to put our plans for remodeling our 30 year old kitchen, we were at a los as to where to begin with plans, etc. Someone who had gone through this already had said she wished she had talked to a kitchen designer. So we went to a few places, one of them being Nebraska Furniture Mart. We stopped by the kitchen area (Kitchen Design Studio) and one of the sales representatives put us in touch with Portfolio Kitchen & Home. The minute we met with Geri and Lindsay, I became so excited at the possibilities. They walked us through trying to get a sense of what we wanted in our kitchen, and then offered additional ideas. After bringing pictures of our kitchen and considering our wants and needs, they came up with an initial design for a kitchen that would be beautiful and functional. The next coup[le of months we met with them making changes and refinish the drawings.

The fun began and after a few months we now stand in a very different and very beautiful kitchen! Lindsay stuck with us all the way through, answering questions, checking orders, making suggestions as time came to order the sink, hardware and other detail decisions. What I really appreciate about the people at Portfolio is that they stayed in contact during the entire time of the project from beginning to end. They didn’t stop the communication or help once they knew they had the job. Any problems we encountered along the way, they were right there to take care of it. We love our kitchen and are looking forward to many enjoyable hours!!! We confidently and enthusiastically recommend Portfolio Kitchen & Home to whomever is wanting a talented, creative, and caring group of staff to help you not only design, but make your dreams of a beautiful and functional kitchen come true!

Carol & Ray Birk



My experience with Portfolio was absolutely amazing. Starting with Geri, she made me feel as though my kitchen was as important to her as it was to me. She had great ideas and we actually had fun creating my beautiful new kitchen. Kira was there with me every step of the way and I never had to worry about anything because she worried for me. I loved working with her! Dave, although very quiet, was very helpful with any issue that we had and was able to resolve any issue that came along. April and Lindsay were always on top of every aspect of every situation. They were very friendly and helpful. They did everything to take the tensions of remodeling away from me.

I would recommend Portfolio Kitchen & Home to any of my friends and be very confident that they would treat them as they did me. I looked forward to my meetings with Kira, and usually Geri would pop in at least for a minute or two to visit and catch up.

I plan on remodeling my master bathroom in the near future and I trust that my experience will be nothing short of amazing again. Thanks to all of Geri’s team at Portfolio for hleping me create a kitchen of my dreams!

Kathy Forster

Olathe, KS